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The spring in full swing

It was a bit windy today, but we managed to put the potatoes in (our favourite Orla variety!) and tend to our other cultures. The tulips will be blooming soon – we’re really looking forward to it!

The rain came as we finished the work – perfect timing!


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Autumn gardening

We had a great gardening session today! The Brussels sprouts are growing, there’s new artichokes coming out the roots we cut, and the rye we sowed is thriving.

We sowed onions and garlic today, and by the time we finished, a sudden shower caught us by surprise and we had to flee.
Here are some images from today’s gardening session:

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Harvest Feast

Yesterday, we harvested a few potatoes, beetroots, carrots, beans, mangetout peas,lettuce, parsley, garlic and oregano.


Today, during our usual gardening session, we had the chance to taste some of our produce: beetroot tart (following Jim’s recipe), bean salad, pea salad, potatoe cakes, and a green salad.
Followed by carrot cake and homemade elderflower juice.



Here we are enjoying the feast:

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August gardening



Today’s gardening session started with …a heavy shower. We had to hide inside for two minutes or so. But then it stopped and we came back outside to get Jim’s instructions for the day. Cristina Dobrisan, the Interactive Media master student who is working on her final project with the UL Community Roof Garden, showed us her installation and had an informal chat with some of the people who were present.

Her project, titled Brid Bláth, is recording environmental data from the garden and is publishing it to a website, a Twitter account, and a dedicated Facebook page.

Besides the numeric data recorded by temperature and moisture sensors, Cristina installed a camera in a lab above the garden. The camera is taking images of the garden every 3 hours during day time, and is displaying them on the dedicated web page. A database stores all the environmental values and images.



At this time of the year, there’s a lot to harvest:





Don’t forget our harvest lunch on the 20th of August!

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Open Day at Jim’s farm in co. Clare

As every year on the August Bank Holiday Monday, Jim Cronin had an Open Day at his farm in Bridgetown, co. Clare. had announced high winds for the day; however we were lucky to have sunshine, some wind, and the usual showers.

Jim gave the visitors a tour of the farm and offered a demonstration of his way of working the land with horses:

We had the chance to have a look in the polytunnels, admire the orchard and the outdoor garden.

There was chatter, tea, coffee and marvellous cakes, and a group of musicians who took care of the entertainment. Jim was dedicated a special song, and we all joined in the sing-along:

Here are the lyrics, in case you’re interested:


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Gardening in glorious sunshine!

Today, we planted our lettuce. we prepared the soil, making sure it was smooth and even. Jim Cronin gave a demonstration first:

He told us that planting distance is paramount for getting a good crop.
We admired the bright colours – both of planted flowers like tulips, and accidental ones like the calendula that just reappeared!
We harvested spinach, purple broccoli and kale.
And we admired the stubbornness of last year’s spuds, that decided to reappear amongst this year’s leaks:

wpid-20150416_132432.jpgwpid-20150416_132455.jpg wpid-20150416_132805.jpg